BIQ - Power tools for the data analyst
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BIQ is a powerful spend and data analysis tool that business analysts can operate by themselves.

5 minutes to a useful dataset

Real-time changes to dataset organization

Fast and easy ad hoc modeling

BIQ recommends "Spend Visibility: An Implementation Guide", 130 pages of free advice from Sourcing Innovation

BIQ Is Now an ElectrifAi Company

ElectrifAi, an international leader in Big Data analytics with extensive experience in spend analysis, has acquired BIQ. This investment by ElectrifAi is part of an initiative to expand ElectrifAi’ procurement and spend intelligence capabilities. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of ElectrifAi, BIQ will continue to provide its clients with the ability to rapidly build, leverage, disassemble, and reconstruct spend cubes of all types. For more information about ElectrifAi, please visit their website.

The BIQ Difference

At BIQ, spend analysis is our only business. We're entirely focused on making our users the smartest people in the room. How? By giving them the most advanced spend analysis system in the world, and empowering them to be successful — without reliance on IT experts or on outside resources.

BIQ is built on three principles:

  • Flexible and ultra-fast dataset creation
  • Powerful analysis and ad hoc reporting tools
  • Real-time dataset modification

We add to that:

  • The best data viewer in the business
  • A custom OLAP engine that supports 100M+ transactions
  • Flexible deployment options

And, we deliver this at a delightfully reasonable price, using a sales model that makes sense.

If you're considering spend analysis, or data analysis of any kind, you need to ask the following questions:

How do I... a new analysis model ...add new, related data files
  ...refresh the dataset dozens of datasets, as needed
  ...fix mapping mistakes   ...deploy behind the firewall, not just on the public net new dimensions   ...give expert users their own private datasets
  ...change hierarchies a dataset of 10 million transactions, or 100 million

You'll find that legacy vendors don't have answers, especially if you want to accomplish anything on your own. What you see is what you get — literally. Change is difficult and expensive, and ad hoc analysis is a fantasy.

Let BIQ show you what spend analysis should deliver.


"BIQ is the one Spend Management provider who has a solution that is faster, better, cheaper, and fundamentally different than the rest of the pack."

— Spend Matters

"I have to agree with BIQ. It's the analysis... Analysis that allows you as the user to see the data any way you want to see it, any time you want to see it, any how you want to see it."

— Sourcing Innovation