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2014/09/01     Procurement Analytics: How to Plan (and Optimize) Your Process
Great article by Pierre Michell from Spend Matters (Premium access required)

2010/11/15 Analytics VI: Conclusion
It all comes down to power and accessibility to business users
2010/11/08 Analytics V: Spend "Analysis"
A look at spend analysis and its marginalization by marketing departments
2010/11/01 Analytics IV: OLAP: The Imperfect Answer
A brief review OLAP and its limitations
2010/10/25 Analytics III: The Data Expert and His Warehouse
Why data warehouses and recent CS graduates can't solve real-world problems
2010/10/18 Analytics II: What is Analysis?
Part of the problem is that we don't know what we mean by "analysis"
2010/10/11 Analytics I: Optimization Comes of Age
A BIQ-authored series on analytics kicks off with a different take on optimization

2010/01/29 Spend Analysis V: User-Defined Measures, Part 2
The SI series continues, showing how to use nodal computed measures and dynamic reference filters
2010/01/29 Spend Analysis IV: User-Defined Measures, Part 1
The SI series continues, demonstrating the power of transactional computed measures
2010/01/27 Spend Analysis III: Crosstabs Aren't "Analysis"
The SI series continues with a look at serious analysis
2010/01/25 Spend Analysis II: Why Data Analysis Is Avoided
The SI series continues with a discussion of why ad hoc data analysis is avoided when traditional tools are employed
2010/01/22 Spend Analysis I: "It's the Analysis, Stupid"
A BIQ-authored Sourcing Innovation (SI) series kicks off by discussing traditional spend analysis marketing

2009/01/19 Key Questions to Ask Your Spend Analysis Vendor
"the doctor" provides some potentially embarrassing queries
2009/01/19 Working with Your Users: Creating Commodity Structures
One size doesn't fit all

Press Releases

2010/02/17     BIQ Adds Computed Measure Language to Data Analysis Offering
2009/01/07     BIQ Adds Statistical Measures to Latest Spend Analysis Offering
2008/04/14     Spend Analysis Tool from BIQ Delivers 3X Performance
2007/10/18     Spend Analysis Becomes More Intuitive With BIQ
2007/03/13     BIQ Named "Cool Vendor" by Leading Analyst Firm
2007/01/23     Spend Analysis Tool From BIQ Brings Unprecedented Power to Individual Users


2008/12/20     On the Eighth Day of X-Mas ...
"the doctor" makes some predictions
2008/12/08     Buying Spend Analysis Systems: Test Drive Case Study
A spend analysis case study
2008/10/27     Commodity Structures Are Not "One Size Fits All"
There's no such thing as a "standard" commodity structure
2008/10/22     The Sourcing Maniacs 2008 Vendor Tour Part IV: BIQ
The Sourcing Maniacs pay a visit to BIQ
2008/05/06     Spend Analysis Meme Busting, Part II
More misleading Spend Analysis memes
2008/04/26     Spend Analysis Meme Busting, Part I
Misleading Spend Analysis memes circulating through the space
2008/03/03     A Quick Start to e-Sourcing
Sometimes all it takes is a few successes to get the attention of senior management
2008/01/22     Sustainable Savings
Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, and it's the price of sustainable savings as well
2008/01/10     It's Not Just About the Data -- It's About Acting on the Data
Spend analysis tools are tools, not carpenters
2008/01/08     Nine Spend Management Vendors to Watch in 2008
BIQ makes the list
2008/01/08     the doctor Takes His Turn With the Magic 8-Ball
"the doctor" makes some predictions
2008/01/06     Screwing up the Screw-Ups in BI
Baseline Magazine gets it wrong
2008/01/04     Analyst 2.0: The Coming Storm
Watch out analysts, here come the bloggers
2007/12/20     Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty -- and Contract Compliance
Trust, but monitor
2007/12/18     The 12 Days of X-emplification: Spend Analysis
"the doctor's" wish list for Spend Analysis
2007/10/17     Integrating Contract Management and Spend Analysis
It's easy, and doesn't require any magic
2007/10/11     Spend Analysis Saves
A Spend Analysis overview
2007/10/01     The Future of Spend Analysis
In which we make a few predictions
2007/09/19     Spend Analysis Today
"the doctor" reviews the current state of Spend Analysis
2007/09/13     Aberdeen on Spend Analysis: Lost in the Trees
Aberdeen misses the point, again
2007/09/01     Using Spend Analytics to Impact the Bottom Line (Sourcing Interests Group newsletter)
Tariq Hassan on Spend Analysis [Hosted with permission]
2007/08/01     Spend Analysis and the Procurement Strategy (Procurement Professional magazine, Australia)
An overview from Down Under
2007/05/10     Spend Analysis: What Got Wrong
When the assumptions are wrong, so are the conclusions
2007/04/11     Spend Analysis Expectations
The real work happens after ETL
2007/03/27     Analytics vs. Optimization
In which we challenge "the doctor" in his own study area
2007/03/12     BIQ Named Cool Vendor by Gartner Group
Thanks for the post, Dave
2007/02/26     Spend Analysis VI: New Horizons, Part II
Where the (future) rubber hits the road, part II
2007/02/05     Spend Analysis V: New Horizons, Part I
Where the (future) rubber hits the road
2007/02/01     Spend Analysis IV: Defining Analysis
Put the "analysis" back in Spend Analysis
2007/01/29     Avoiding Spend Analysis Frustration
Spend Matters links to ESF article
2007/01/29     Spend Analysis III: Common Sense Cleansing
Dispelling some myths about data cleansing
2007/01/26     Spend Analysis II: The Psychology of Analysis
If the analysis process isn't quick and easy, analysis won't be done
2007/01/23     Spend Analysis I: The Value Curve
Why Spend Analysis ROI doesn't persist
2007/01/19     There's No Spend Analysis Without the Slice-N-Dice
"the doctor" warns about data warehouse approaches to Spend Analysis
2007/01/16     Why Spend Analysis Frustrates Those Who Need It Most
The three classes of Spend Analysis users, and how to make them happy
2006/12/03     Spend Matters Not
"the doctor" says, "it's the analysis, stupid."
2006/11/30     A Spend Visibility Smackdown
In which a blog comment war ensues, and we make friends with the SpendFool
2006/11/20     Is It The Case That Spend Matters Most?
A review of spend analysis offerings
2006/11/09     Spend Analysis: Macromap and Micromap
Commodity-specific datasets are an often-overlooked savings tool
2006/09/29     Change Does Not Equal Refresh
Change is a fundamental part of the Spend Analysis process, and changes need to be made instantly, constantly, and effectively in order for the system to remain relevant and useful
2006/09/28     How Clean is Clean?
Advanced data cleansing is quite easy to do
2006/09/27     Data, Data Everywhere
There are many datasets to be built, from many different data sources
2006/09/26     Web 2.0 Spend Analysis: Introduction
The typical Spend Analysis system suffers from Stephen Potter's "so what" diathesis
2006/09/25     Spend Analysis 101
Introduction to the article series above
2006/08/28     The Sourcing Innovation Series Part V
In which we make some predictions
2006/06/12     Strategic Sourcing and Spend Analysis
"the doctor" on Spend Analysis


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