BIQ - Power Tools for the Data Analyst
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Feature Comparison Checklist

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Flexible Deployment

Over the web
Behind the firewall
On a personal laptop
Multiple servers/mixed mode


Sub-second drill times on 20M+ transactions
Supports 100M+ transaction datasets
Builds a Global 1000 dataset in minutes
Instant changes to hierarchies and rules
No hours-long "cooking" or "pre-calculation" or "publishing"
Multi-threaded engine
Multiple datasets per server

Analysis & Reporting

   Without server degradation
   Multidimensional crosstabs
   Automatic Excel pivot table generation
Ad hoc reporting and Excel model population
   Sensitive to drill position
   Multidimensional extracts
   Booked (paged) reports by dimensional values
   Ability to change dataset structure instantly to support new views
All analysis results can be exported to common formats
Statistical measures at all nodes (mean, median, standard deviation, etc.)

Creating and Modifying Datasets

Powerful input file translation tool
Index linkage
Index to index linkage
Real-time dimension and hierarchy editing
Real-time rules generation and editing
Real-time dimension creation/cloning
Complete dataset rebuild in minutes
All tools operable by business users
Create sub-dataset from filter(s)
Collaboration tools for multiple updates
Auto reconciliation on refresh

Data Display & Filtering

No awkward "pivoting"
Multiple measures
Alternate measures (from filter)
Dimensional measures
Alternate names
Sorting by any name or measure
Stored filters
Real-time filter modification
Stack-based filter history
Free form filter history
"All others" nodes
Mark & filter
   Retain marks across display sets
   Retain marks across filters
Filter impact


Search by exact match
Search by pattern matching (regex)
Fuzzy search
Search within block
Filter on search
Mark on search
Search from dimension editor
   Search and mark
   Search, mark, and sweep

"BIQ does for OLAP what Microsoft Access did for the RDBMS — makes it accessible to everyone."

— Consultant