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Spend Analysis Tool from BIQ Delivers 3X Performance

New release provides more power and more freedom to explore data without IT assistance.

Southborough, MA (PRWEB) April 14, 2008 — BIQ, a provider of innovative spend analysis tools for businesses seeking better visibility into corporate data, today announced the availability of a major release of its software. The product, also called BIQ, gives business analysts unprecedented freedom to explore and manipulate large datasets from a variety of sources, without IT assistance. This release extends that freedom by providing dramatically improved performance over the current version, which already handles enterprise-size datasets on an ordinary laptop.

Eric Strovink, BIQ’s CEO, commented, “While BIQ’s unique architecture is what enables analysis freedom, eye-popping performance is what appeals to the power user. The ability to create large datasets quickly, to modify them in real time, and to drill on them with outstanding speed is central to our value proposition and the reason for many of the enhancements in this release.”

BIQ was founded on the premise that business analysts could gain much more insight into the valuable information that often lies fallow in data warehouses -- if they had a tool for independent, ad hoc analysis. Instead of being constrained by pre-determined data structures, BIQ users have the ability to create their own datasets quickly and easily, and to change them in real time by adding dimensions, adjusting hierarchies, and refining data mappings for any analysis.  This enables BIQ users to perform fast, ad hoc analyses on almost any data source, without being limited by structured Purchasing or Accounts Payable data, or by rigid data warehouse constraints.  As a result, BIQ users spend their time actually analyzing the data, rather than struggling with it.

The freedom to explore data relationships is even more dynamic with the user interface improvements and performance enhancements in release 3.23. They include:

  • Engine support for up to 32 processors (3X performance increase with quad core machines).
  • Aggressive client-side caching for instantaneous response.
  • 3-4X speed improvement in report and rules processing.
  • Significant multi-user performance improvements related to changes in dimension handling, data transmission formats, and multi-threading.

"The key with BIQ is that ordinary business users can benefit from high technology without any need to understand it or to hire people who understand it.  A simple drag-and-drop in a BIQ window may completely re-organize a complex OLAP dataset — in seconds — but this is totally transparent to the user," Strovink added.

About BIQ
BIQ’s mission is to provide innovative, enterprise level data analysis tools for the business analyst at a reasonable price. BIQ users are from both large and small enterprises within the financial, services, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors. Because BIQ is extremely cost-effective, it can be used alone or in concert with other enterprise tools. The product can be deployed on a laptop, desktop, or server in any number of configurations. BIQ is available on a month-to-month basis, without prepayment or cancellation penalties. For more information about BIQ, visit

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