Substantial performance gains

BIQ version 5.02 contains a large number of performance improvements for analyzing larger and more complex datasets. Many operations are substantially faster, including rules processing, dimension editing, transaction extract, loader initialization, viewer initialization and drilling.

Rules-based dimension

Create a new dimension based on the mapping rules for another dimension. This allows greater visibility into how mapping rules affect your dataset. Filter like any other dimension to gauge which transactions are affected by which rule or rules.

Diagnostic rule reports

Two new reports have been added to the viewer for identifying duplicate or conflicting rules, allowing improved management of large, complex rule sets.

Windows 10 square window style option.

Looks right at home in the brand new operation operating system.

Other improvements

  • Rule filtering has many new tabs and filtering options
  • It is now possible to edit multiple rules in just a few simple steps
  • Disable one or more rule groups to determine their impact
  • Export and import filter sets in the viewer
  • Create time dimensions with dates beyond the year 2038
  • Process multiple change files in a single step
  • Progress is now displayed in the task bar icon
  • Right click the task bar icon to open recently used datatets or other BIQ tools