Major Update: Charting

The charting system has been completely revamped with more chart types, color maps, themes, and custom settings.

New are three additional bar charts, as well as donut, horizontal bar, bubble, and 3D point charts. Version 5.05 now allows for changes to chart types and color maps on the fly and lets users switch to source data and then back to the chart in a single click. A new zoom/crop tool for bar charts provides greater visibility into data, and custom settings allow for more flexible color maps, callouts, fonts, transparency, label rotation, number formats, and more.

A new preview feature lets users see saved charts before adding them to a view, eliminating guesswork. Version 5.05 also lets users quickly and easily create a new chart from a data block in just one click.

Major Update: Views

The Views feature has been completely rebuilt, with enhancements to the user interface, locking options, and performance. The new tabbed interface allows users to quickly switch between preset views and dashboards. Users can now quickly create, edit, or remove views, or lock them against changes if necessary.

User Interface Improvements

User interface updates have been applied to several areas of the product, including the Dimension Editor, Mapping, Phrase Mapping, Search, and Tree Map windows, making them cleaner, more attractive, and easier to understand.

New Status Reports

Most built-in reports are now rendered in an easy-to-use HTML window that have Copy, Paste, and Save As options. Reports are clearer and easier to understand — especially with complex or large datasets.

Performance Enhancements

Version 5.05 has performance enhancements throughout its functionality. Chopping files, adding transactions and indexes, switching views, rendering charts, mapping phrases, creating rule dimensions, and exporting datasets are all faster in this iteration, and transactional extracts and crosstabs have seen improvements as well.

Other Improvements

  • New Chopper expressions allow for on-the-fly filtering of input data.
  • The Chopper can now join multiple input files in a single pass.
  • Users can now drag and drop files when adding transactions or indexes to datasets.
  • A new CML code preview feature allows for a quick preview without committing to editing.
  • Open Extract (Python) has been enhanced with reports and new API options.
  • Field lists for transaction browse in the loader are now sortable and searchable.