New statistical measure NCount

BIQ now supports a new type of statistical measure called an NCount. It counts unique items in one dimension with respect to another. For example, you could configure an NCount measure to track unique vendor counts per commodity or unique commodity counts per organization. There are two varieties of NCount: top level and leaf level. See the BIQ user’s manual for more detailed information.

International characters in node names

BIQ now supports UTF-8 (international/multi-byte) character sequences for node names. This includes processing of input files (transactions/index), dimension derivation, extract, viewer data blocks, dimension editing, charting, treemap, live crosstab, and search.

Automated batch processing

The new Automated Batch feature allows configuration of a directory where new files can be dropped and automatically loaded into a dataset. This feature supports both transaction and index files. Full control over when automated jobs can run is provided, thereby minimizing impact on other users.

Updated MySQL version

BIQ now uses Version 5.5 of the MySQL relational database management system. Version 5.5 of MySQL includes a number of improvements including speed, reliability, and security.

Other improvements

BIQ 5.03 features the following improvements in usability, performance, and stability:

  • Rules search
  • Rules expand all
  • Dimension editor loading
  • Dimension editor scrolling on very large dimensions