Simpler and Cleaner User Interface

Makes working with BIQ even easier than before. We've removed duplication and clutter so you can find what you're looking for fast and get on with it!

Dashboard Preset View

Create your own custom views with data blocks, live crosstabs, charts and treemaps. Save them with or without a filter set, and recall them in a snap.

Live, Drillable Crosstabs

New live, drillable crosstabs in a data block. Easy to use, drillable, and auto updating!

All Graphical View

Views can be 100% graphical, allowing you to customize the interface for your specific purposes.

Live, Drillable Charts

Charts are live and can be filtered by clicking on the series you're interested in exploring further. Charts are auto updating so they change as you change your filter position.

Data and Graphical Block Locating and Hiding

New, easy to use tool to help you locate and hide data blocks, charts, and crosstabs fast.

New Demo Dataset

Download and import the new Demo dataset that showcases all of the capabilities of BIQ.