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A Practical Take on Spend Analysis

When you think as much about spend analysis as we do, you're bound to be opinionated. We've made many of our opinions available in this series of brief and easy-to-understand white papers. If you find yourself nodding along, you may want to join our community of delighted BIQ customers.

Data Warehouses Disappoint
Our viewpoint is rooted in years of sourcing consulting experience, starting at McKinsey in the late '80's, and brought to practice at The Mitchell Madison Group in the mid 90's. We built BIQ as a reaction to the incorrect thinking that has crept into this space in recent years — for example, the notion that spend analysis is a data warehouse application. That notion is wrong. We elaborate in Data Warehouses Disappoint.

One Spend Cube Is Never Enough
Consider also that after the low-hanging fruit is harvested from your first spend dataset, you'll want to build dozens of other datasets for commodity-specific and other analyses. It's just not possible to drag around the overhead of a data warehouse, an external server, vendor services personnel, and so on, every time you want to build a new cube. We discuss further in One Spend Cube Is Never Enough.

Practical Solutions for Multiple Accounting Systems
We've also opined on some other controversies in this space. For example, we believe it should not only be easy to add new dimensions and related data, but it should also be easy to transform data from different accounting systems into a common format. This "magic" is usually performed by expert vendor personnel, using ad hoc tools. With BIQ, business users don't have to be dependent on outside experts. They can build data transforms and repeatable processes by themselves, with point-and-click tools. Read more in Practical Solutions for Multiple Accounting Systems.

The complete list of white papers can be found to the right. No "registration" is required to read them; we encourage you to send along your own thoughts and opinions.