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Working With Us


Aligning interests.

We think the conventional software sales model is flawed, because it puts vendor and customer at odds. Here's how we work with you to make us both successful.

Everyone has experienced the classic software salesperson, a "best friend" during the sales process, but an unreachable phantom after the contract has been signed. That's not the way we work at BIQ. Our product is licensed month-by-month, without pre-payment, and without cancellation penalties. If you aren't happy with it, you can stop using it — and stop paying for it — at any time. So, we compensate our salespeople with a percentage of monthly revenue, guaranteeing that they are deeply interested in whether you are receiving value from the product, and ensuring that they are highly motivated to do whatever it takes to make sure that you are.

Making you successful.

Because everyone at BIQ is motivated to make the product work for you, every oar in the boat is pulling in the right direction. And, to make sure you get a great start, we'll help you load your first dataset. Then, we'll work with you to show you how to extract value. This is an investment on our part — but it pays off. Our customers realize savings from BIQ almost immediately. And, BIQ makes instant celebrities of its users, because they generate insightful analyses that nobody thought were possible.

A simple contract.

Since you can quit any time you want, we have to keep you happy. No written promises can ever capture that sentiment. We simply have to support you properly, or we lose you as a customer. We don't require up-front payments; so if you stop using BIQ, we both lose. What does this mean? It means that you can be sure that we are motivated to respond to your issues as quickly and as completely as we can. If an issue is important to you, then by definition it's important to us.

A serious commitment.

In order to keep you as a customer, we have to keep providing value, which means we have to continue to enhance our product over time. You'll get every update and every new release as soon as it's available, at no extra charge. We're in this for the long term, and we want to keep you as a customer for the long term.


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"What a smokin' product this thing is."

— BIQ customer